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About San Sebastián, PR.

San Sebastián is a municipality of Puerto Rico located northwest of the island, south of Isabela and Quebradillas; north of Las Marías; east of Moca and Añasco; and west of Lares. San Sebastián is spread over twenty-four wards and San Sebastián Pueblo (The downtown area and the administrative center of the city). It is a principal city of the Aguadilla-Isabela-San Sebastián Metropolitan Statistical Area.


Landmarks and places of interest: 

  • Doña Bisa Cabrero House - Facing the Public Square
  • Guajataca Lake
  • Luis Aymat Cardona Coliseum
  • Market Plaza
  • Church San Sebastian Martir of San Sebastian
  • Robles Waterfall (also known as Gozalandia).
  • Collazo Waterfall
  • Sombrero Hill
  • Hacienda El Jibarito
  • Juan Jose "Titi" Beniquez Stadium
  • Luis Munoz Marin Ground
  • Guajataca Scout Reservation
  • Blue Moon Bar

San Sebastian is the hometown of musician and composer Angel Mislan who is best known by his danza compositions, "Sara" and "Tu y Yo" (You and I).

Festivals and events

  • Patronal Religious Fiesta - January
  • Three Kings Festival - January
  • Heifer Festival (Festival de la Novilla) - January
  • Chess Tournament - January
  • Ateneo Pepiniano Cultural Festival - January
  • Hammock Festival - July
  • Comeback to the Mountaintop - September